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Winter Aesthetic Guide: 10 Ways To Have An Aesthetic Winter


The winter days are here, That last warm of fall has subsided into the cold beauty of winter, The chilly winds of autumn are much colder now. 
Winter has its own aesthetic beauty, The cold weather, Getting all cozy in a blanket and staying home watching movies, Celebrating holidays with family and friends, reading a book near the fireplace, Or just taking a day off from everything and watching the snowfall.  

I love winter (and especially staying indoors and enjoying it, because it does get really cold outside!) and got some simple and easy ways to make your winter aesthetic. 

10 Ways To Make Your Winter Aesthetic

1. Winter Aesthetic Outfits

Winter is the time of layering clothes, Get those cute sweatshirts and cozy puffer jackets. Shop for some new hoodies and jackets this winter, Don’t forget warm sweats and fuzzy socks if you plan on staying indoors most of the time. If you love layering, Winter is the time for you. Jeans and Boots go well with hoodies and sweatshirts and can be an easy hack when you can’t decide what to wear. Be sure to check the temperature when you have to go out and dress accordingly. Go through Pinterest boards for some aesthetic inspo, here’s one to help you out.

2. Aesthetic Twinkle Lights

Driving around town looking at the Christmas lights is surely gonna put you in that winter aesthetic mood. You can even spend time decorating your room in a beautiful Christmas aesthetic. A fun way to spend some time with your family in preparing for the holidays.

3. Reading Books

A book lover’s favourite time has to be winter. The weather is perfect and you can stay indoors, Drinking hot chocolate, being cozy under the blanket and reading as many books as you want. And if it’s raining or snowing, You just got a perfect paradise. Reading a suspense novel or a romantic one on such winter evenings is a beautiful feeling.
Here’s an entire list of books you can read this winter.

4. Winter Aesthetic Picnic

If you are one of the adventurous people, a Winter picnic can be a beautiful idea. The snow, Walks in the wood and being away from the buzz on city life can be a good change for your health. It can also serve as a good date idea. Remember to pack warm clothing as it may get cold, Have a bonfire to make it more romantic and also keep you warm.
Crisp sunny winters days can be a lovely time to host a picnic as long as you plan ahead. Here’s a complete guide for you.

5. Winter Aesthetic Room Decor

Festive season calls for a change in your room aesthetic. You can twinkle lights, the remote control ones are very easy and simple. Add extra pillows to your bed and throw blankets to make everything extra cozy. Use wreaths and garlands to give your rooms that extra Christmas aesthetic vibe.

6. Holiday Baking

Winter is a great time for baking. The smell of baked cakes and cookies fill up the rooms and it sure smells delicious! It is also a good time to try new recipes. If you wanna try something new or are confused about what to bake, here’s 40 delicious recipes you can try this winter.

7. Holiday Movies

Holidays don’t feel like holidays unless you are with your family or friends and spend time watching Christmas movies, snuggling, with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. Spending your evening watching a holiday classic, Or just diving into a comedy movie marathon with family with a plate of freshly baked cookies. Everyone knows watching a wholesome movie when the snow falls outside and you are with your loved ones is the merriest of all times. Here are some of the best Christmas movies for you.

8. Fuzzy Socks

Don’t let your winter be boring with bland normal socks, Go get some cute warm fuzzy socks! They are one of my favourite winter accessories, The fabric is so soft and still, it keeps your feet so warm. I usually wear them when indoors and they are super comfy. My favourite ones are the ones with cute animals all over them. They

9. Stargazing In Winter

Did you know the summer night sky is not the same as in winter? The sky keeps constantly changing and winter is a beautiful time to go stargazing with friends and family. the sky gets dark early and you have enough time to find your favourite constellation, or look for a shooting star! And if you go somewhere with little light pollution you can see the beauty of our milky way. What an aesthetic winter evening that is gonna be, I love stargazing and love finding out different winter constellations. Here’s an easy guide for you if you’re new to stargazing and wanna start this winter.

10. Hot Chocolate

Having a bad day? The gloomy weather making you sad? Believe me, a sweet mug of steaming hot chocolate topped with marshmallows is gonna help you a lot. For me, Hot chocolate is a necessity. It goes perfectly with the cold weather of December and January, especially on snowy days. If you are tired of the same old classic hot chocolate recipe, here are some variations that you should definitely try. Make your winter more aesthetic and enjoy your evenings with hot chocolate, reading a book near the fireplace.

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