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How To Have An Aesthetic Fall : 13 ways to cozy up your Autumn

fall aesthetic

Waking up to chilly mornings, Snuggling deep inside the blanket to get a little cozy and layering your clothes to feel a little warm. It’s that time of the year again, Fall is here!
Brown and orange leaves everywhere, The colour of Autumn. Reading a book while sipping that pumpkin spice latte, Watching your favourite movie on weekend, Drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows on a crispy fall night, Or just a long drive on Sunday through the autumn leave covered roads.

I love fall. And I’ve got some really easy but beautiful and aesthetic ways for you to make your fall aesthetic.

13 Ways To Cozy Up Your Autumn

1. Fall Aesthetic Fashion

If you love layering your clothes and absolutely love hoodies and cozy sweaters, Fall is the time for you! Go shopping, Get some cute sweaters and sexy boots, show off your plaid shirts and scarves. Go through Pinterest boards and find some aesthetic fits that enhance your style. And do not forget the autumn colour palette! Stick to earthly tones like orange and brown.

Check out this video for more fall aesthetic outfits

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Nothing says Autumn more than a warm pumpkin spice latte. Grab one at your nearest Starbucks or make one at home, get cozy under the blanket and enjoy it with an autumn-themed movie. Or if you’re a reader, go for books! Make sure to take some photos to rock your fall aesthetic on Instagram!

3. Fall Themed Picnics

Fall is a beautiful time to go for picnics, The weather cools down and the beautiful foliage of autumn leaves makes it even better than summer picnics. A beautiful way to spend the weekend with family and friends. It is also a perfect date idea, away from crowded restaurants and the bustle of the busy schedule.
PS – Don’t forget to check the weather. Here’s a perfect guide to planning your fall picnic.

fall date aesthetic

4. Fall Aesthetic Room Decor

It’s time to change the aesthetic of your room and bring in the fall vibes. You can stick to classy autumn colours like rusty orange, oatmeal, buttercup yellow, Or just use any earth tone colour. Add throw blankets and plush pillows to make your bedroom comfy and cozy. Make your bed a comfort place for you. To make it more aesthetic you can add fairy lights, small pumpkins or hang a wreath.
Check out this fall aesthetic room moodboard on Pinterest.

5. Visit Pumpkin Patches

Plan a field trip to a pumpkin patch near you to turn your fall more aesthetic. Shop for the perfect pumpkin for Halloween or get lost in the corn mazes, have a picnic date or just enjoy the day taking pictures! Capture the essence of fall through this classic autumn outdoor activity.
Here’s an entire guide on activities you can do in a pumpkin patch.

6. Freshly Baked Pies

Baking pies is another classic indoor activity you can do in the fall. It’s a perfect way to spend the day with your family if you do not like the crisp cold wind of Autumn. Bake seasonal pies and enjoy them with a good book or while during a family movie night. Make some extras for your neighbours and spread the kindness.

pumpkin pie

7. Fall Scented Candles

Candles set up the mood for a cozy, warm atmosphere and make your autumn vibe more aesthetic. You can go for the classics like pumpkin scented candles or shop for any of your favourite ones.

8. Fall Aesthetic iPhone Themes

Did you know you can customise the entire look of your phone? From wallpapers to app icons. Go crazy about customising your theme and turn it into an autumn aesthetic one for these fall months. You can find lots of inspiration from Pinterest. I mean look at this, does this not look cute!?

fall theme iPhone

9. Cozy Movie Nights

The weather is getting cooler and the wind crispier, a perfect time to host weekend movie nights for the entire family or friends. You can do an outdoor movie stand or get comfier indoors under the blankets. This list has got some of those good autumn movies that you can choose from. So get some hot chocolate and popcorn and enjoy your autumn weekend!

fall movie night

10. Fall Foliage Hike

Autumn and its beautiful rusty orange foliage. Go for a hike through the autumn leaf-covered roads and get to be in the presence of nature, away from the bustle of city life and just refresh. A good way to spend your time among nature and sloe enjoy the beautiful scenery of fall.

11. Read A Book!

If you are a reader like me you would agree, Autumn is perfect to have reading sessions. Take a book with you and read it in the park and enjoy the fall, or just stay inside get some hot drink and read indoors. The cooler weather and cozy environment make it such a pleasure to read during the autumn season.

fall vibe

12. Outdoor Autumn Brunch

It’s time to take your Brunch outside and enjoy it under the crisps autumn air. You can organise one yourself or just go somewhere with your friends. Keep it aesthetic with an autumn colour theme and yummy fall recipes. Apple cinnamon pancakes, Pumpkin smoothie, Pumpkin bread, show off your cooking skills this fall with an outdoor brunch. Here are some amazing recipes that you can look into.

13. Candie Shopping

Halloween candy shopping! Make your fall more aesthetic this year by sticking to autumn colour themed candies. It’s a great and fun way to spend the weekend before Halloween with your friends.

If you are confused about what Fall Aesthetic you belong to, we got a video for you

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