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Old Money Aesthetic Mens – 4 Classy Old Money Summer Inspo

Old Money Men Aesthetic

Just a few more weeks till the sun starts setting late in the evening and the buzzing of cicadas fills the air. The morning breeze carries a thick humid accent and sweet citrus bloom, the afternoon sun bathes everything in warmth and all the windows and doors are flung open because the ceiling fans are just not enough to beat the heat.
Summer is here and it feels like that lazy warm afternoon somewhere in Northern Italy, in 1983 (Yes CMBYN reference – A classic in the old money genre).

Summer this beautiful and elegant calls for you to emerge from the slums of heavy winter layers and embrace the old money fashion aesthetic.

Old Money Aesthetic

1. Old Money Outfits

‘Less is more’ – that’s the mantra for old money, Especially since we are focussing on a Summer look.
You do not have to go overboard with layers, simplicity is elegant. A beige button-down with khaki shorts is enough for a quick drive to groceries or even a beach trip! A coffee date or getting brunch with your partner demands something a little more formal – so go with a white dress shirt and beige trousers. If you prefer denim jeans, then a blue and white poplin shirt with blue jeans will give you that old money look.

Here are some necessary items that you need to have in your wardrobe for an old-money fashion this summer –

  • A dark button-down (Green, Brown, Navy), A light button-down (Baby blue, white), A poplin shirt, A dress shirt and A couple of polos.
  • For the bottoms you need – A pair of chinos (white/beige), light-washed jeans (Not skinny jeans), Summer shorts, and Black trousers.

2. Quiet Luxury Color Tone

The very definition of old money fashion is to be subtle but elegant. And earthy neutral tones are the essence of that. Dark green, Shades of brown, Off-white, Navy, and Baby blue will surely raise the allure of your old-money style.
A blue and white oversized poplin button-down with beige shorts Or a green polo and grey chinos would be a perfect colour combination for a laid-back summer day. (Tip – Go for lighter neutral tones during the day and darker earthy tones during the night). Here are some other aesthetic colour combinations you can try – 

White and Beige

Dark Green and Grey

3. Old Money Hairstyle

People often overlook hairstyle when it comes to old money. Don’t be like ‘people’. The perfect hairstyle can make or break your entire look. An overall grooming can actually add an edge to your aesthetics and make you feel more complete.
The best and easiest way to go ace that classic elegance is probably by growing out your hair to a medium length, bonus points if your hair is naturally wavy but if not you can always use sea salt sprays or make a DIY one.

Patrick Bateman’s hairstyle from ‘American Psycho’ is a classic example of old money hairstyle. Also Oliver from Call Me By Your Name has a modern chic about his hair that screams old money mixed with contemporary. 

4. Old Money Accessories

Accessories can help bring out the missing pieces of your entire Old money look. The right shoes, along with the right sunglasses or the perfect watch will add those subtle details you need to complete this classic elegance. Also, make sure you smell good and don’t shy away from spending a little extra on some high-grade cologne such as Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò or Versace Eros. Here’s a complete list to help you out with the best colognes for men.

4.1. Watches –

A good watch can single-handedly elevate your entire fashion statement. The feel and essence of an analogue watch strapped to your wrist, the beautiful colour tone and the contract against the dials, it truly is an epitome of ‘quiet luxury’. And no, not Apple Watch or any smartwatches. Authentic, analogue watches with a simplistic look and beautiful neutral to earthy tones are something smart watches still can’t beat.
The price bracket for old money watches can range between a few hundred to couples grands – If you are just getting into this aesthetic I’d suggest starting with vintage Casio watches, and then slowly getting into Seiko, Tissot and eventually the big names such as Rolex, Cartier or Omega. 

4.2. Shoes –

Loafers, Chelsea boots, and Oxford shoes are your go-to when it comes to Old Money. For a more summer-suited style go for espadrilles. Sneakers can add a modern twist to this classic style but it mainly would depend on personal choices. Remember the condition of your shoes speaks volumes about your entire style. You can read more about them here.

Now that you know the basic 101s of how to old money fashion this summer, it’s time to experiment and explore. That’s how you will grow into it. Let it be just a weekend stroll or a summer picnic, grab your polo or oxford shirt and blue denim. Flaunt your classy elegance, believe in expressing that inner quiet luxury and you’re all good for Old money fashion.

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